The Great British Circus @ The Mines 2, Seri Kembangan

The Great British Circus @ The Mines 2, Seri Kembangan

A week ago I came across the poster of the Great British Circus show when I was having my lunch. Immediately, the thought of bringing the boys to watch the circus show came up to my mind. Come to think about it, I haven’t been to a circus show before as well.

Fast forward to a week later, I told my boys about the circus show and they were excited about it so we decided to head over to watch the circus show on a Saturday night.

I’ve looked through the ticket price online and bought the tickets online with promo price. See ticket price details below.

The Great British Circus is at the rear parking lot of the Mines 2, so we can park our car at The Mines Shopping Mall (parking rate) or at The Mines 2 (parking rate) and walked to the venue. We went in to The Mines 2’s parking lot and it appeared that parking was free.

Before we went in to the circus tent I was worried that it would be hot and stuffy but I was relief that it was very comfortable inside. Ventilation was sufficient and it was air conditioned and paired with huge fan. To those who plan to bring your kids over, don’t worry about it, your kids will be fine.

We got ourselves the hot seats. It’s free seating and we got the seats right in front of the show. If you want unobstructed view of the show, do get the VIP seats.

The Chicken Man and Partner

There wasn’t a clown in this circus which initially I thought it’s a must in a circus. The Chicken Man (That’s how the boys and I called him) and his partner were the “clown” for the show. The boys loved them so much and it seems like they were the only thing they kept talking about during and after the show.


There were various performances during the 2 hour show, as expected from a circus show. Among them were singing, magic tricks, trapeze, funny jokes/acts, unicycle and stunts performance.

Even Spiderman show up in the show.

Dangerous Stunts

In every circus show, (I assume) there must be some dangerous stunt shows. Not only the kids were so excited to watch these, even I was amazed!

Video of spinning cage

Video of motorcycle in sphere cage

Photo Session After The Show

After the show, audiences were given the chance to have photo together with the crew. I was surprised that the boys wanted to have a photo together with the bikers because they were usually shy. However, they were shy to take a photo with the other crew members.

My camera’s battery died on me during the motorcycle stunt show so I had to use my lousy phone camera.

Final Thought

Great show, great people, great fun, great experience – 2 hours of fun for the boys and myself. If anything that I’ve regretted, it would be not getting the VIP seats. The boys, especially Yuyu needed to constantly move his head to watch the show because his view was obstructed by the people at the VIP seats. I could have gotten a better view for photos from the VIP seats as well. Nevertheless, no regrets for bringing the boys (and myself) to the show.

Just look at the happy and excited face of the boys.

Ticket Price

To be able to enjoy the promo price, you just need to perform either of the 2 steps below:

  1. Share this Facebook post by Great British Circus (GreatBritishCircusMalaysia) and show it on your mobile phone when you purchase ticket from the ticket booth
  2. Buy the ticket online here. (Note: there is a surcharge of RM2 per ticket when purchasing the ticket online.)
Adult Child

(5-12 year old)


(< 5 year old)

Standard  RM50

(Promo: RM40)


(Promo: RM25)


(Promo: RM15)

Hot Seat RM70

(Promo: RM50)


(Promo: RM30)


(Promo: RM15)


(Promo: RM70)


(Promo: RM50)


(Promo: RM15)

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