SJKC Lai Meng, Jalan Ampang

SJKC Lai Meng, Jalan Ampang

SJKC Lai Meng Jalan Ampang was the primary school I studied in almost 30 years ago. It was also the primary school which my dad graduated from. Too bad it was relocated to Bukit Jalil couple of years back, else I would have sent Ping to this school as well.

From what I heard, due to the high price of this piece of land, there isn’t any development project being planned on it. Right now it is being used as a parking space facility (parking rate).

I was in town running some errand and parked my car here. I took the chance to snap some photos while the building is still here. Obviously, there isn’t any maintenance work going on here.

This is the hall where we had our weekly “perhimpunan” on Monday. This was also the place where I played “catching thief”, “skipping rope”, “soda water cap”, “batu Seremban”, “dodge ping pong ball” etc. It really brings back the fun memory. On this stage I’ve performed numerous time – speech competition, singing competition as well as reciting the Rukun Negara during perhimpunan when I was in standard 6.

Classrooms, teacher’s office and surrounding.

This was once the school canteen.

I haven’t got the chance to see the school from an aerial view before this and I am glad that I had the chance to take an aerial photo of the school.

A little planet view shows that the former SJKC Lai Meng school compound was so strategically located at the heart of KL and was surrounded by all the skyscrapers. Back then when I was still studying there, the iconic Petronas Twin Tower wasn’t even built and KL Tower was still under construction.

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  1. Hi,
    Would you be able to contact me at 017 887 8488? For your information, I was also Lai Meng’s student way back in 1980s. I have been trying to get some ideas about what to do with the school. Call me Azhar.

  2. I went to school there over 30 years ago then moved to Australia. Wanted to see the state of the school now and found your blog. Thanks for the updates and photos!

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