Pulau Ketam Half Day Trip

Pulau Ketam Half Day Trip

Date: 17/9/2018

Thanks to the Malaysia Day falling on a Sunday, we got a replacement holiday on a Monday. Instead of staying at home, I’ve decided to bring the boys to Pulau Ketam for a short road trip.


Before I start writing about our little trip, I have to apologise that I didn’t have much photos to show to describe the post because (1) I was dumb enough to leave the memory card of my DJI spark drone at home and (2) I was even dumber for formatting the memory card of my GoPro camera before I had downloaded the photos in it. Fortunately I still have photos from my Fuji X-T1 camera and videos from my GoPro camera. This could probably mean I have an excuse to bring the kids to Pulau Ketam again.

Back to our trip…

We left home at around 8am, drove 45 minutes along MRR2/Kesas Highway and reached Port Klang Jetty. Parked our car, walked our way to the jetty and bought our ferry ticket. The tickets were priced at RM15/adult and RM9/child for 2 way transport. I did take a photo of the ferry schedule but unfortunately, it was left in the memory card and got deleted 🙁

The ferry took around 40 minutes to reach Pulau Ketam.

We got off the ferry, walked across the covered pier to the main island and were greeted by a few huge alphabet signage which spelt “KETAM”. The boys were excited with these and kept asking me to take photos of them with the signage.


How many Ping can you find in this photo?

We rented an elecric bicycle that has 3 seats at a price of RM10/hour from a restaurant right outside of the jetty. It was a great choice as It’s a much better option than walking around the island. If you want to see how it is like to cycle on the island, be sure to check out the video clip that I’ve compiled at the end of this post. This is how our electric bicycle looks like:

We spent a lot of time at this little store/home for “icicle sticks” and drinks. I haven’t icicle stick since primary school day (that’s more than 25 years ago). There was a few flavors to choose from, of those that I could remember were orange, lime and chocolate. Price is RM1 per stick. The boys enjoyed it – honestly, which kid wouldn’t?

The boys also got the chance to be up close to a fishing boat and see how it looked like. They also saw how fisherman clean up and keep the fishing net in the shed.

There are a lot of temples on the island but we only stopped by to take photos. I flew my drone at the big empty area in front of one of the temple, only to realized that I left the memory card at home when took the drone out from the bag. Fortunately I could still take some low res photos saved directly to my phone.

For most of the time on the island, we just spent our time cycling/cruising aimlessly around the island and stopped when we see something interesting. Nevertheless, it’s a good way to relax ourselves and let the boys to see and experience a different culture.

We left the island on the 1.45pm ferry. The boys were already exhausted and fell asleep in the ferry. Overall, the boys enjoyed this short trip and they would definitely want to come back again. Maybe next time I’d cover Sungai Lima (5条港) as well which is another part of the island. Till next time.


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