Port Dickson Day Trip during RMCO 2020

Port Dickson Day Trip during RMCO 2020

Date: 16/8/2020

It was a spontaneous decision to bring the boys for a day trip to Port Dickson – Having “stranded” at home/school in the past few month due to the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia, I thought it would be a good idea to bring them out for a breather. Their favourite cousin brother, Samuel also decided to tag along and the boys were happy because of that.

On our drive from KL to Port Dickson, the sky was very gloomy and drizzled a little. I was worried that the boys would be disappointed by the bad weather. Fortunately the weather was great, in fact, scorching hot in Port Dickson. We all ended up with sunburn because I didn’t apply sun block lotion for everyone – my bad.

Great Weather

We reached Saujana Beach at 11am. To my surprise, the beach wasn’t even crowded and we could still maintain our social distance with the other visitors.

The tide was still low and we can see army of tiny crabs on the beach. The boys were excited and couldn’t stop chasing the little crabs and try to scoop them up and place them in their sand bucket – They did let them go before we left the beach because I told them that the crabs wouldn’t want to be separated from their family.

As this was a very spontaneous trip, I didn’t do much preparation. So we didn’t bring any cooking apparatus, BBQ set nor a tent. We only had a basic mat, some 100 plus can drink and potato chips. Nevertheless it was good enough for the boys.

We also bought a kite for RM15 from one of the stalls.

We stayed there for around 4 hours. After packing our stuff and kept them in the car, we took a shower at the public toilet. The fee to shower in the public toilet was RM1 per person. The water pressure from the shower head was really really really low so it took us some time to wash off the shampoo.

The boys was asking why do they show a dabbing photo on the toilet door 😅

After the shower, we drove to the Mcdonald’s DriveThru at Port Dickson waterfront, bought our meal and enjoyed our late lunch in the car. See you again Port Dickson!

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