Magic & Science Competition & Exhibition @ The School

Magic & Science Competition & Exhibition @ The School

  • Date: 21 July 2018
  • Event: Magic & Science Competition & Exhibition
  • Location: The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya (parking rate)

There were also another mini exhibition by Farm in the City at the ground floor. So before visiting the science exhibition, we went on to pet some animals first.

After petting the animals, we went to the first floor for the science exhibition.

We were there early and the participants’ booth weren’t set up yet, so we visited the Hands on station first. The price to conduct various science experiments in 5 stations was RM10 per child.

First stop – Magical Chemistry.

Instaworm – Squirt some coloured liquid into the water tank, wait for 20 seconds and the coloured liquid “solidify” and became sticky and squishy like a worm.

Egyptian Night – This is an experiment that mixed up mixtures and slowly see the the colour mixture to turn from transparent to black gradually due to iodine.

Second stop – Magic Balloon.

In this experiment, a bamboo stick is poked through a balloon without bursting  the balloon. The trick is to first dip the tip of the bamboo stick into vaseline and slowly poke the stick through the balloon. Ping tried 3 times but failed – he pushed the stick in too fast.

Next experiment is to place a balloon and later a marshmallow into a vacuum chamber and slowly sucking out the air, hence creating a vacuum environment around the balloon and marshmallow. The boys were asked to observe the changes on the balloon and marshmallow.

This experiment was to observe the effect of atmospheric pressure. In a vacuum condition, the balloon and marshmallow would expand and once air is let into the chamber, the balloon and marshmallow resume to its original size (the marshmallow shrink a little).

Third station – Magic Tree.

Chemical Garden – Ping used  tweezer to picked up some salt, dropped into the tank with solution and see the crystal grow.

Magic Crystal Tree – Ping first drew and cut out the Christmas tree. He then mixed a solution in a small container. He put the base of the Christmas tree into solution and have to wait a day to see “snow” form on the tree. As of this blog update we haven’t seen anything yet.

Fourth station – didn’t capture the photo of the station but it was related to colour.

First the boys coloured a piece of round shape paper with whatever colour they want. Once done, they folded the paper two folds and dipped it into a small cup with alcohol. After the paper was fully soaked with alcohol, they opened it up and laid it flat to dry. And once the paper had dried, they folded and tied the paper and became a colourful “butterfly”.

Fifth station – Magic Dry Ice. Probably the most fun station.

In this station, kids are taught that dry ice is actually carbon dioxide. When dry ice “melt” in water, it doesn’t go to liquid form but directly into gaseous form and the air could “blow” bubble from soapy water.

Using dry ice (Carbon Dioxide), Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) and a universal indicator to see how a solution can change from alkaline to acidic.

Googled and found the detail of this experiment at here

Carbon dioxide initially reacts with water in the aqueous solution as follows:

CO2 (g) + H2O (l) <–> H2CO3 (aq)

The carbonic acid neutralizes the sodium hydroxide to sodium carbonate and water.

H2CO3 (aq) + 2NaOH (aq) –> Na2CO3 (aq) + 2H2O (l)

If the carbon dioxide is in excess, then when the NaOH runs out, an increase in the carbonic acid is seen and the solution becomes acidic as indicated by the universal indicator.

Once done with all the experiments, we left the hands on station and explored some of the vendor booths. Ping got to play with 3D pen, see how 3D printer works and play some programming game.

Student groups from different schools had their own table/booth to prepare and set up their science experiment. They took turn to present their science experiment on the stage and there are judges to evaluate their presentation. We watched a few presentation and left. It was entertaining to watch the presentation.

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