Free replacement of my Apple Watch due to bloated battery

Free replacement of my Apple Watch due to bloated battery

I have purchased my 1st generation Apple Watch in February 2016 and have been wearing it on a daily basis since then.

Few weeks ago (end May 2018), I was in a panic mode when I “accidentally” discovered that the watch screen has popped out. I have a watch case on my watch most of the time and have occasionally open it up to clear the dust that got stuck between the case and the watch. However, this time, I was shock to see my Apple Watch in this condition when I open up the case.

So I asked myself:

  1. should I continue to use it till it breaks down
  2. should I attempt to “glue” it back on my own
  3. send it to Apple store to get it fixed which I suspect the cost would have been better spent for a new watch

While I was still struggling to pick the right move, I came across my friend’s Facebook post that his Apple watch was having the same problem. Upon reading his friend’s comments on the post, apparently this is an issue with the Apple Watch’s battery in which the battery is swollen and pushes the watch screen out.

I quickly did some search on the internet and found some articles that suggest that I could send the Apple Watch back to Apple and get a replacement for free. Because of this swollen battery issue, Apple has extended the 1st generation Apple Watch’s warranty from 1 year to 3 years. My watch was only 2 year old so I’m entitled for the replacement. (source: soyacincau, macrumors)

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any news regarding this extension of warranty in Apple’s website so I was a little skeptical about this.

With a benefit of doubt, I went to the Machine shop at KLCC on 3/6/2018 but was told that I need to make an appointment prior to heading to the service department. Bummer! Apparently, Machine KLCC is the only one (out of the 3 Machine outlets with a service booth – KLCC, Mid Valley and The Curve) that requires an appointment due to the high foot traffic. Fortunately, I was able to make an appointment on the spot and the soonest available slot was on 6/6/2018 in the evening. Once the appointment has been scheduled, I got an email confirmation for it.

To make an appointment online, you can go here.

Fast forward to 6/6/2018, I went back to Machine KLCC for my appointment. Despite what the emailed has mentioned to bring along the charger adapter and cable, I was only asked to hand over the Apple Watch without the watch strap. I was told that they will need 7 – 10 working days to get my replacement as they need to get a new one from Singapore. No issue for me as long as I can have a fixed Apple Watch, it’s all worth the wait.

It’s worth taking note that even the staffs at Machine weren’t aware of the extension of the Apple Watch warranty. As they were checking for my Apple Watch’s warranty status through the system, it shows that my Apple Watch’s warranty has over. I had to show them the article from the soyacincau and macrumors, before they had started to go around to get more information before they came back to confirm to me that I was entitled for a replacement. So if your Apple Watch is having this issue and plan to send it for a replacement, better have this articles ready in your phone.

Received a confirmation email from Machines on 7/6/2018.

on 12/6/2018, I received an email from Machines, saying that a replacement part has been shipped out from Apple and it is estimated to take 3 working days for the replacement part to arrive, depending on stock availability and custom clearance.

on 21/6/2018, I was a little impatient for not getting anymore update from Machines. I called up Machines and was being told that my replacement Apple Watch just arrived today. So after work, I went directly to Machines KLCC to collect my Apple Watch.

Here we go, a brand new replacement Apple Watch without any charges. It was all worth it for the wait I would say. If you’re having a 1st generation Apple Watch, do pay attention to this issue because Apple will only extend the warranty to 3 years from the date of purchase.

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