Camping at YunKai Campsite (雲海), Genting Highland

Camping at YunKai Campsite (雲海), Genting Highland

Date Visited: 10/3/2022 – 11/3/2022

This was our first camping trip to YunKai Campsite, Genting Highland. The campsite is managed by my high school mate’s family and I wanted to bring my kids to check out the place.

After packing our stuff into the car we left home at around 11am. The journey is only a 45 minutes drive and we stopped by at Burger King along the way for lunch.

As it requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle to reach the campsite, we had to park our car at the designated parking, unload our stuff from our car and move them to the 4-wheel drive vehicle. After that it is a 15 minutes bumpy and excited ride to the campsite. The kids were excited with the ride.

Our Set Up

We had 2 adults and 3 children so I had set up 2 tents – the Decathlon MH100 for adults and my trusted old tent for the children. I’ve also set up the Decathlon L size tarp as our eating place. Our tents are facing the beautiful hill view.


YunKai Campsite is located within Vision Eco Farm, at 850+ meters altitude above sea level. The name “YunKai” comes from the Chinese name “雲海” (pronounce: Yun Hai) which means “Sea of Cloud”. This is one of the main attractions of this campsite, to be able to see magnificent view of sea of cloud (or mist) early in the morning.

Ping and Yuyu had brought their painting materials to the campsite to do some drawing as part of their entertainment.

Ping and Yuyu painting the landscape

Night Sky at YunKai Campsite

I woke up at around 4am in the morning and realized that the sky was clear and seems like a good time to capture the Milky Way. Without delay, I quickly set up my camera. The sky was clear for around 30 minutes and soon the sky was full of clouds again. These are some night sky photos that I have managed to capture.

Campsite Details


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