3D2N Port Dickson Short Getaway

3D2N Port Dickson Short Getaway

Date: 23/8/2018 – 25/8/2018





Army Museum, Port Dickson

Our first stop at Port Dickson was the the Army Museum, also known as Muzium Tentera Darat. It is located next to a military base off the main road at 5th mile, about 7km away from Port Dickson town in Sirusa district. It is very easy to spot the place as you can see 2 big air crafts from the main road.

The Army Museum is open daily from 9.30am – 6pm and the admission is FREE. This was our first time to visit this location and after the visit, in my opinion, is a good attraction. The boys enjoyed their time here.

There are 2 main buildings, each has 2 floors of indoor exhibition that tells the history of Malaya/Malaysia.

Besides the indoor exhibition, there are many “retired” military vehicles being exhibited at outdoor. We could go inside into some of the vehicles to experience the how it felt like to be in a military vehicle.

There was also a tunnel that was made to simulate the “sensation” and ambience during the war period. I will share the video of ttaken inside the tunnel in my next post when I’m done with stitching and editing the movie clips taken during this trip.

When we were wandering around, Ping suddenly pointed at the sky and said he spotted something. We looked up and it was a halo.

D’Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence Private Beach

Just across the road of D’Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence there is a private beach area for the hotel guest. It’s very well maintained and quiet. There’s also a little playground in this private area.

UK Fun Park

UK Fun Park was a fun fair directly opposite of our hotel. This was the first time the boys ever been to an outdoor fun fair.

Each game at the fun fair required coupons to enter. Each coupon was priced at RM2 each and each game required different amount of coupons. With 27 coupons (RM54) we were able to ride 1 round of the ferry wheels and I won 2 medium size Stitch plush toys for the boys.

Pulau Babi

Pulau Babi is a tiny island that is connected to the mainland by a 50-ish meter wooden bridge. I found this location while I was searching for attractions in Port Dickson. It doesn’t seem like many people know about this place.

There wasn’t really much to do here besides crossing the bridge. However I thought it was a good place to bring the kids to test out their courage. They were a little skeptic and scared at first when they saw the gaps between the planks of the bridge but soon became more confident.

You can waze for “Pulau Babi Port Dickson” and you will find it. This is a fairly quiet place and you can just park your car by the road side. It took us about 15 minutes to drive to here from the Port Dickson town.

PD Ostrich Show Farm (Facebook Page)

Don’t be fooled by the name of this place because this place is not only about ostriches. The boys had much  fun feeding, patting and playing with various animals such as ostriches,  goats, cows, donkeys, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits, white mice etc. We have spent almost 2 hours here.

The entrance fee is RM15/adult and RM10/child. The animal feed is RM3/pack.

There is a shaded resting place to rest and buy food/snacks. The boys had corn in cup and of course, ice popsicle. The boys were also given the chance to stand on an actual ostrich egg to know how strong an ostrich egg is. This was also where the boys met their “good friend” (whom they still talk about it till this day on how much they miss him), the little mice.

Pusat Ikan Hiasan Port Dickson (Port Dickson Marine Department)

Pusat Ikan Hiasan Port Dickson (Port Dickson Marine Department) is an aquarium and marine conservation facility run by the Malaysian Department of Fisheries. Admission is free.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 4.30pm (Friday closed for prayer break 12.15 pm – 2.45 pm)
  • Saturday – Sunday 10 am – 4 pm

The facility is air conditioned and has quite a number of marine animals on display.

Opposite of the main building there’s a shelter with numbers of tank under it where sea turtles are being preserved here. We saw 3 different species of sea turtle here.

Pantai Saujana

Although there was a private beach at our hotel, I felt that there were too many rocks at the beach, I decided to drive the kids to Pantai Saujana, which is a public beach. Pantai Saujana was about 10 minutes drive from our hotel.

The beach area was clean and there were many people here. I bought the boys a kite and let them flew it for the first time in their life. As the beach area was much bigger than the private beach, the boys had more fun here.

Teluk Kemang Observatory

Teluk Kemang Observatory is located inside of Klana Beach Resort. The observatory is to public at 3pm – 5pm for sun gazing and 10.30pm – 12am for moon/planetary gazing. When we were there, we didn’t need to pay to enter.

Unfortunately, it was raining on the night we were there so the dome of the observatory wasn’t open up. However, the person in charge was kind enough to show us how the dome and telescope moves to align itself to the moon. He also played a few of space documentary for Ping to watch on the TV.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I’ll be visiting port Dickson with my family next week and we were looking for a clear beach to spend time at. Will definitely visit Pantai Saujana! Do you know if they have water sports there? Thanks again for this post!

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