2018 Mid Year Holiday – Holiday Inn Resort, Batu Feringghi, Penang

2018 Mid Year Holiday – Holiday Inn Resort, Batu Feringghi, Penang

This was the second time we have stayed at Holiday Inn Resort at Batu Feringhhi, Penang. The first time was in November 2017. The kids and I enjoyed our stay in this hotel during our previous trip and we decided to come back again for this trip.

Despite being further away from the city (30-40 minutes drive to city centre, 15 minutes drive to Gurney Drive), I think the hotel offer great value for money.


The rooms are spacious in both of our stay here.

Last November I’ve booked the Tower Kids Suite at RM350/night before tax (agoda). The room had a king size bed and 2 single beds. I got to enjoy the king size bed on my own and the boys had a bed each. The room had a Sony PS3 consoles with a few games and 2 huge teddy bears. They don’t call it a kids suite for nothing. It also had a balcony although our room was facing the mountain instead of the sea.

source: agoda

This time, I’ve booked the Feringghi Tower Standard room which was slightly cheaper at RM250/night before tax (agoda). The room had a king size bed and a single bed, and lots of space for the boys to to run around. The toilet had both shower area and a bath tub so the boys could have their bubble bath while I shower.

Kid’s Play Lab

One of the reasons I chose Holiday Inn Resort was the kid’s Play Lab, which is a kid’s playing area in the hotel.

There are 2 Play Labs in the hotel – 1 at the Feringghi Tower and another at the Beach Tower. Both Play Labs have different themes. As we had stayed in Feringghi Tower during our 2 visits, we only went to the Play Lab at Feringghi Tower.

There was slide, ball pit, lego room, arcade game, board games etc in the Play Lab. Enough to keep the boys busy for a couple hours while I sit at the side and relax myself. There was always a hotel staff there to make sure everything at the Play Lab was in order.

These photos were taken during last year’s trip. During this trip everything was still the same except that the arcade machine had broke down.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pools are located at the Beach Tower.

There are 2 pools – a kids pool and an adult pool. The kids pool is only about half a meter deep while the adult pool can go as deep as 2 meters.

Aeriel view of Holiday Inn Resort Beach Tower (black roof in the lower center), adult pool (light blue rectagle in the center) and the kids pool (small light blue square) below the adult pool.

You can also see the Ship restaurant which we visited on the first night here in Penang on the right of the photo.


During this trip the boys spent significantly more time at the beach compared to before.

I would say the beach is clean and well maintained. The sea water however, nothing much you can expect from the water of Malacca Straits. Nevertheless, the boys (and I) still had fun together at the beach.

The taller building with green roof is the Ferringhi Tower.

Sunset View

the sunset view was good thanks to the clear sky.

Batu Feringghi is indeed a good location to relax in. I was told that there are many villas in Batu Feringghi that we can rent to have a house party or so. I guess I’ll be having my next vacation here in one of these Batu Feringghi villas in the near future.

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