2018 Mid Year Holiday Day 2 – Cameron Highland / Penang

2018 Mid Year Holiday Day 2 – Cameron Highland / Penang

Date: 12/6/2018

Before headed to the BOH Tea Centre Sungai Palas, I took a little detour at the Kea Farm morning market and thought I could still make my way to the tea centre. However, we ended up at a dead end. But it seems like a nice spot for some aerial photography so I took the opportunity for some photo session with my drone.

BOH Tea Centre Sungai Palas

Although we have visited the Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation yesterday, a trip to Cameron Highland isn’t complete without visiting the BOH Tea Centre Sungai Palas.

We parked our car at the designated parking lot and Yuyu saw one of his favourite vehicles – the tractor. Of course I wouldn’t miss the chance to let the boys to have a photo with it.

From the parking lot we need to walk up a flight of wooden stairs and walkway to reach the platform/cafe. With the cooling breeze, it wasn’t a problem for the boys to walk all the way up on their own.


Once we have reached the platform, we ordered cake and tea as breakfast. After breakfast, the boys enjoyed the magnificent view of the tea plantation.

We also visited the factory that produces the famous BOH tea leaves. It’s open to public and entrance is free. I had to carry the 2 boys in my arms and therefore didn’t have chance to take photos of the machinery. Basically there are only 3 main steps in the entire process – Breaking down the fiber of the tea leaves, drying up the tea leaves and sorting up the leaves.

After the visit to the factory, we walked our way back to our car.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is a live insect gallery and zoological garden located at Kea Farm. Beside the Butterfly Garden there is a Butterfly Farm which is a different entity. We chose Butterfly Garden because we found a parking spot directly in front of Butterfly Garden.

Entrace fee is RM7 per adult and RM4 per child.

Inside the garden, we could see butterfly, different insects (scorpions, beetles etc), snakes, rabbits, flowers, vegetables etc.

There is a mini “museum” inside the farm that display specimens of butterflies and insects.

Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm

Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm has its own covered parking lot but space is limited. We were lucky to find a spot and didn’t need to park by the road side. The parking lot is directly connected to the merchandise store.

There is no entrance fee to visit Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm. We need to walk down a flight of stairs down to B3 level to get to the bee farm.This is a garden with lots of wooden boxes (assumed to be made in house) that acted as “bee house”. I was able to show the boys the bees that were “oozing” out from the boxes.

Nothing much to see here though and we only spent less than 30 minutes here.

Ferry from Butterworth to Penang Island

This was our 3rd time taking the ferry between Butterworth and Penang Island but the boys were still excited about it. We were fortunate this time that the ferry was already at the jetty and we got to board the ferry immediately without have to wait long.

The fee to drive the car up the ferry is RM7.70 per car.


Adult : RM 1.20
Children (between 5-12 years old) : RM 0.60


Bicycle: : RM 1.40
Motorcycle : RM 2.00
Car : RM 7.70

It took around 20min to cover the 3km journey. We drove straight to check in at Holiday Inn Resort at Batu Feringghi after reaching Penang Island.

Holiday Inn Resort, Batu Ferigghi

During our previous trip to Penang in November 2017, the boys and I enjoyed staying at Holiday Inn Resort. This time, I chose the same hotel. I like every aspect of the hotel – spacious room, comfortable bed, nice pool, nice beach, kids play room and friendly staffs. Despite being further away from the city (20-30min drive to Georgetown), for RM250 per night for a room, I feel that it’s worth the slightly longer travel.

After a long hour of travelling, the boys couldn’t wait to have their much anticipated bubble bath 😀

Dinner @ The Ship

After a long travel on the road, I chose to have dinner nearby. The Ship restaurant which is located diagonally opposite Holiday Inn Resort was a perfect choice. We walked across the street, visited some stalls at the Batu Feringghi Night Market and enjoyed our dinner at The Ship.

Dinner was good. I rewarded myself with a tasty carpetbag steak while the boys shared a plate of spaghetti. We also had banana split ice cream as dessert.

After dinner, it’s time to get back to the hotel to rest and get prepared for the next day’s itinerary.

To be continued to day 3…

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